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· Mar 13, 2023 ·

So Doug Mackey is a guy who trolled people in the 2016 election by making memes that told people they could vote via text and hashtags.

And the Biden administration is bringing down the hammer full-force on him:

Like I said, Mackey made a video that told Biden voters to text their votes in. He apparently made reference in his communications to stopping college-educated voters and black voters, which sounds borderline Nick Fuentes, and also a bit like election interference, but it's not like he went out and harvested millions of ballots from old people like the Democrats do.

He literally made a stupid video that everyone except a random meemaw saw right through.

The video has since been deleted, but people made parodies of it on the other side with messages to Trump voters and, yeah, those videos haven't been taken down. Here's one example:

So for doing that, Mackey is facing 10 years in federal prison.

I should probably note that, according to the DOJ, his video received a whopping 175 retweets and 165 favorites:

Yes, he got 175 retweets and THE ENTIRE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is being mobilized to crush him.

Seriously, did those 175 retweets on a video I've never heard of nearly destroy democracy in fire and water, or is there something else with legal precedent that the White House is trying to set when it comes to free speech and censorship?

Maybe there's something in this silly meme that will explain why this man deserves 10 years in prison:

No, really! Stuff like that is why this guy is now facing federal-level charges!

He posted these from his account that had a MAGA hat in the profile pic!

In a case like this I'd normally shrug and say it's all stupid. But the lefties are going so bananas over this guy that I have to wonder what their endgame is. Now I'm spooked and I want to know what in the heck they're doing.

We're talking about memes and trollery here!

Sounds pretty bad, doesn't it?

Even Elon Musk is now weighing in:

Either they are trying to make a censorship play or they still don't believe that Hillary Clinton could have lost fair and square.

What in the heck is the Biden admin doing with Doug Mackey? And why??

(You'll pry my memes from my cold, dead hands, you tyrants!)


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