Dr. Mary Talley Bowden saved more than 5,500 lives during the pandemic. The Texas Medical Board is trying to destroy her for that "horse" drug we're not supposed to talk about.
· Feb 28, 2023 · NottheBee.com

After all the junk science that was peddled by the most powerful people in the world for three years, you'd think these medical licensing boards would stop the witch hunts against doctors who pushed back against the narrative and saw demonstrable improvements in their patients as they did.

That would mean these boards have to admit they were wrong and lose some of their power as a result.

And they can't have that.

Nothing has done more to discredit the entire medical establishment in my eyes than the pandemic. I no longer respect someone simply because he or she says they are a doctor. If anything, I view them with a certain level of initial distrust given the tyranny so many of them willingly supported in the name of abject lies and ideology.

"If it only saves one life!"

That's what makes it worth fighting for doctors like Bowden.

Let's continue the thread, shall we?

Dr. Bowden is the mother of 4 boys, a graduate of Stanford University and she's a Board-Certified doctor who's been practicing medicine in Houston since 2003 and opened her own practice, BreatheMD, in 2019.

So why is the Texas Medical Board (TMB) going after a Stanford educated doctor who's saved thousands of lives? Because she prescribes an off-label cheap drug, Ivermectin, to her patients for Covid, as well as vaccine injuries like this one, just look at the results:

Ivermectin isn't a cure all, but it's a cheap drug that's existed for a long time. There's no profit to be made on it, which is a problem for those who like profit and power.

Imagine if scientists said aspirin could reduce Covid deaths!

Oh wait...

The media likes to portray doctors like Bowden as fringe lunatics, when the reality is that 90% of doctors were wrong about everything: that lockdowns would stop the spread, that masks stopped aerosolized viruses, and that mRNA vaccines were safe and would stop transmission.

I've been a student of history long enough to know that the "fringe" experts are often right about a great many things.

In fact, most technological and medical advancements come from the fringes. Look at upstarts like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. America is great because it allows these fringe thinkers to come up with brilliant ideas and actually share them – or, at least it did before the CDC, Pfizer, and Facebook considered that a sin.

Look at the case of Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis. Only 176 years ago, he proposed that doctors should disinfect hands with chlorinated lime solutions. He was laughed at for decades and died lonely and penniless.

Think about that. It took the medical establishment DECADES to believe that this "fringe" opinion about hand washing was correct, and this wasn't that long ago!

How do you think people will look back on us in 176 years and LAUGH at the medical establishment of today for its barbaric backwardness?

Anyone paying attention the last 3 years knows Ivermectin is a threat to pharmaceutical & hospital corporation's profits & goes against the approved government narrative. Now they're trying to use Dr. Bowden as an example of what happens when you go against the narrative.

So who filed the TMB complaints? A patient? Nope! Two Texas hospitals: Houston Methodist Hospital & Texas Health Huguely Hospital in Fort Worth. It's important to note: she is NOT accused of harming a single patient.

This is truly a David vs. Goliath tale:

  • In 2022, Houston Methodist Total Revenue: $12,013,187,193 ($12 BILLION in 1 year.)
  • Texas Health Huguley Hospital Total Revenue: $1,279,416,497

Imagine the combined power of these billion dollar hospitals lobbying against ONE doctor.

Dr. Bowden is a threat to the establishment. She is not one to cower to their intimidation tactics: Her response to a recent informal hearing she had last week.

"Doctors for the most part are just going along because of what you saw happened to me — vicious backlash and trying to take my license away." - Dr. Bowden

Doctors, it turns out, are the same as the rest of us when it comes to responding to peer pressure and authority. Most go along with the crowd like a bunch of kids following a schoolyard bully.

But there's another BIG player involved here — a PR conglomerate who's clients include the CDC, Moderna, Pfizer AND… The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) who's goal is go after certifications of doctors who oppose their client's narrative.

Here's Dr. Bowden talking about the witch hunt against her:

It's important to note that this isn't the medical board in leftist utopias like California or New York. This is deep-red Texas, the Lone Star State that purports to be a semi-independent bastion of liberty. This is the state that told Santa Anna to come and take their canon over their own dead bodies at the Alamo.

And the board is coming after her. From Emily Post News:

Bowden told me the board offered her a settlement. She would have to admit guilt, pay a $5,000 fine, take eight hours of Continuing Medical Education and a jurisprudence exam. She refused.

Good for her!

Admitting guilt here would be the same as The Babylon Bee admitting to "hate speech" by calling Rachel Levine a man on Twitter. The Bee didn't back down, and it led to Elon Musk spending $44 billion on Twitter.

One person with a spine overturns kingdoms. Truth is the best weapon there is.

"I will not plead guilty to crimes I didn't commit," the Stanford-educated doctor told me. She is pursuing a public hearing so that there are "no anonymous accusations" and she will be able to bring her own witnesses.


"I'm still treating my patients while forced to fight for my license," Bowden told Friday after an "informal" hearing with members of the TMB.

"People close to me have encouraged me to give up for my own well-being, but I've witnessed too much and could not live with myself if I didn't keep going. I did nothing wrong and will fight for what's right - which is caring for patients."

Texans, you better stop these actual fascist goons before it's too late!

Here's more from the Texas Scorecard:

Texas Health Huguley complained to the TMB that in 2021, Bowden — without the correct privilege — prescribed a dying Texas sheriff deputy ivermectin since nothing else was working. However, Bowden has continued to deny that she treated Jones in Huguley, which would require special privileges.

When Bowden offered Sheriff Deputy Jason Jones' family the option to attempt treating his symptoms with ivermectin, they wanted to try. The hospital refused, and Jones' wife gave him the ivermectin in secret after the police were called on a nurse who was administering the drug prescribed to the deputy.

The law enforcement officer, who had been in a medically induced coma and living on a ventilator for more than two months, has since recovered.

I have heard so many stories from people who smuggled in Ivermectin under doctor's noses and saved their loved ones.

But instead of letting the issue go and celebrating the recovery of a patient left for dead, the hospital wants to make an example out of a doctor based on the spurious claim that she administered the drug to this deputy.


The Jones family filed a lawsuit against Huguley over the ivermectin issue in 2021.

I hope they and millions like them take the hospitals to the cleaners and cause our whole broken medical system to come crashing down so it can be rebuilt from the ground up.

Bowden has even gone so far as to say that during the COVID-19 frenzy, hospitals developed a form of a "death protocol," where they refused to correctly treat patients.

"Dr. Bowden is a courageous warrior. While hospitals practiced their death protocol that killed hundreds of thousands, Dr. Bowden treated over 5,500 COVID patients and saved their lives," said Beth Parlato, the Jones family's attorney.

"She is being targeted and investigated by the TMB in an effort to convince the public that their killing protocol never happened. They are trying to discredit and silence her from speaking the truth and exposing their crimes. It won't work," Parlato continued.

You may think stories like this are sensationalized. After all, I'm quoting small publications, not CNN and MSNBC! How do we know these little outfits (and Bowden herself) aren't dabbling in hyperbole for clicks?

It's always good to ask that question, but it's even worse to ignore the plight of the little guy just because the mainstream media has decided to ignore (or black out) the story. A lot of little guys end up perishing under the thumb of the powerful that way.

So if you want to make sure that the bad guys with all the power are held accountable, it's worth supporting doctors like Bowden. We're gonna need them in the years to come.

Parlato believes that Bowden's fight against the TBM will have lasting national importance for other doctors:

'Medical boards across this country are investigating the real hero doctors who broke from the establishment and their killing protocol, and utilized lifesaving medication during the COVID pandemic. Dr. Bowden's case is one of the first in the nation, which makes this significant. If Dr. Bowden is successful in quashing this investigation, it serves as a precedent for all of our nation's medical boards.'

If you want to follow updates from Dr. Bowden and see how you can help, follow her Substack here.


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