This journalist got banned from Midjourney for using the AI to make a photo story of Trump getting arrested and escaping jail. Check out the pics ๐Ÿ˜‚
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Here's one for both the Left and the Right.

Eliot Higgins is the British founder of Bellingcat, an investigative journalism group based out of the Netherlands. He's no Donald Trump fan, but what he doesn't realize is that Trump voters aren't like leftists โ€“ the vast majority of us love a good joke.

Which is why I find this hilarious:

ROFL look at this:

President Trump is trying to grab them by the throat! Quick, he might throw some ketchup on the walls! Someone stop this madman!

So the reason I can laugh at this is that there's legitimately millions of BlueAnon conspiracy theorists who are so far gone into Trump Derangement Syndrome that this is literally what they've been fantasizing about every day for seven years.

Now there's AI that can create it for them!

All of mainstream media, Hollywood, the DC Swamp, and the academy swooning right now:

Meanwhile, I'm over here laughing because their deluded fantasies are, well, fun to laugh at.

All I see is a dude so powerful that the entire NYPD apparently has to be mobilized to take him down.

The story that emerges here is truly big and beautiful. I picked the best of the images (some really got lost in the uncanny valley), but I'm going to let you enjoy it without commentary:

In a nutshell:

[Movie announcer voice]

Donald Trump gets arrested and goes to jail, where he has to learn to survive in a hostile environment.

But Trump has lived in worse swamps than this one.

Finding his inner strength, The Donald makes himself into a weapon, beats the jail-yard bosses at their own game with the Art of the Deal, and forms an army.

Now that he runs the slammer, he decides on a daring escape.

His first stop after achieving freedom? MCDONALD'S.

There, over a cheeseburger, he privately breaks down while reflecting on the soul-crushing weight of every corrupt institution in the entire world mobilized against him for nearly a decade because he refuses to stop fighting for the little guy.

I'd pay to see that movie!

Eliot Higgins got banned from using Midjourney for it though.

This week, Higgins used the AI image generator Midjourney to depict Trump's arrest. He shared 50 images on Twitter, and they quickly went viral.

As a result, he said on Wednesday, Midjourney appeared to have banned him from the service. Midjourney did not immediately respond to a request for comment. (The word "arrested" is now banned on the platform.)

Higgins, 44, told BuzzFeed News that he's "been playing around with various prompts to see what's possible and how complex you can make it. " He prompted Midjourney to capture what it would look like if Trump were swept up by police on the streets of New York outside of a building that looks eerily like Trump Tower, how his children would react, and what his life would be like in jail.

Well, enjoy the fantasies, lefties.

If America is now at the point of indicting a former president โ€“ something that has never been done and we can never recover from โ€“ enjoy watching the banana republic descend into chaos. It'll be one for the history books!

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