This LGBT book contains "very difficult" underage incest scenes but an Indiana school board allowed it to remain in a school library anyway
· Jun 11, 2024 ·

Just a reminder that even in the Heartland, your school may be under the control of hard-left ideologues:

In a 3-2 vote, the Carmel Clay school board accepted a committee's recommendation that George Johnson's memoir, 'All Boys Aren't Blue,' be allowed to remain on the shelves of Carmel High School's library.

The book was challenged by local community member Cindy Black, who said she was "disturbed" by what she read:

'Because of the book's focus on themes of incest, sodomy, sexual abuse, masturbation, blowjobs, and radical anti-white rhetoric,' Black said during Monday's meeting.

This isn't California or New York. It's Indiana. An Indiana school board has decided this is the kind of book that will expand children's minds.

In case there was any doubt, the book contains graphic sexual descriptions of a boy engaging in sex acts with his cousin. I have censored some of the passages to try to make it as PG-13 as possible.

[Warning: This is really gross stuff]

Alas, this really disgusting material wasn't enough to dissuade the Carmel Clay School Board:

'We acknowledge that there are some very difficult sexual scenes in the book, but do not feel that it meets the definition of obscene or harmful to minors,' the committee wrote in its report.

It takes just an unbelievable amount of deranged chutzpah to read a depiction of underage gay incest and be like:

It's a lot more than that, lady.

Some of the defenses of the obscene material were even more bizarre:

'Most of your children are not queer, black boys, but this particular queer black boy had an experience that statistically many of our children and many of us have had and that is important,' parent Janine Zee-Cheng said.

"Statistically many of our children and many of us" have had underage anal sex with our family members?

If you're defending this sort of poisonous dreck, I got news for you: You're not the good guy in this situation.

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