This mad lad claims Bitcoin farming saved the Texas energy grid during this latest cold snap and I thought he was crazy but now I believe him 🤯
· Dec 27, 2022 ·

This is the wildest story I never saw coming. Either the simulation is broken or we really live in amazingly weird times.

Yeah, I had to share the JP retweet because otherwise you'd just think I'm a nut job who's rambling about random posts on the internet.

But this guy Dennis Porter has a point. The TL;DR version?

  • A bunch of people and companies that "mine" cryptocurrency using power-hungry computer processing "farms" moved to the state, recently which significantly ramped up Texas' power demands.
  • But these crypto miners often shut down their operations during a big storm because flatlining a room full of computers in the middle of calculating blockchain calculations isn't great for said computers, leaving a ton of excess slack in the usual demand that allows for increased heating needs during a cold snap.

Check it out:

  • I'm gonna be honest: The idea of computers trying to crack complex mathematical equations that "mine" data in order to turn them into money still goes over my head a bit.
  • But the idea of said crypto miners saving the great state of Texas from rolling blackouts during a polar vortex is next-level.
  • I have no idea how true this man's claims are, but like JP said, it's very interesting. We live in the best and craziest of times.

What a time to be alive!

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