This may be the most horrifying thing I've seen this year
· Mar 27, 2023 ·

We are only at the beginning of population decline and already I'm seeing nightmares like this flash across my screen:

So this woman has an obsession with lifelike dolls, meaning toys that look like lifeless babies.

And she found a dude that will carry said dolls around in a baby carrier for her because she considers it romantic.

Totally normal behavior

Horror movies start like this

Consider this: There are some lifelike dolls that are specifically made for women who miscarried or lost an infant. They are supposed to help with the grieving process and the maternal instincts that have no outlet after such a loss.

But now they're being bought by a whole new level of weirdos.

There's a lot of fairy tales out there where a childless old hag/witch devours young kids (think Hansel & Gretel). This "devouring mother" shows up quite a bit in literature across cultures and languages, and I'm starting to understand why. It used to be that modern women would fill their maternal drive with dogs and cats, but it turns out that animals can't, in fact, be your babies. So now young women are turning to weirder things as they continue to opt out of having real kids.

Let an expert psychologist explain:

Get ready for the crazy train to go even faster...

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