This "misinformation researcher" updated her "Conspiracy Chart" and got trolled into oblivion for it
· Nov 26, 2021 ·

Woke cultists like to make handy charts to remind them of what they need to believe in order to sustain their delusional fantasies.

To that end, this wonderfully hilarious chart was produced:

E N H A N C E:

Click to enlarge.

Sure, a lot of these are bonafide conspiracies with no base in reality. We might even hear a few of them from our kooky uncle at Thanksgiving, or that homeless guy who wanders around the local Walmart.

But what about all the things that aren't on her list that are being taught by world leaders, public schools, and celebrities around the world – you know, like the idea that men can become women, that Jan. 6 was worse than 9/11, or that police are massacring unarmed black men in the streets?

Take it away, Prison Mitch!

E N H A N C E:

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The things on this chart are far more relevant for our cultural conversation, since tens of millions of Americans actually believe them – especially those with all the money and power.

Here were a few more comments from the revolving door of people who got a laugh out of this chart:

Gotta love it!

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