This Mississippi lady had a dream that her husband cheated on her. So she got up, got a knife from the kitchen, and shanked him while he slept! 😳
· · Jan 2, 2021 ·

Ho. Ly. Cow.

A woman attacked her sleeping husband with a knife after dreaming he had been unfaithful, Mississippi authorities say.

Lindsey Stephens, 33, was arrested Sunday on aggravated domestic assault charges after stabbing her husband multiple times in the back, Det. Abraham McKenzie of the Jones County Sheriff's Department told McClatchy News.

Stephens told investigators she "had a dream that her husband was messing around," police say, so she went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and attacked him while he was still in bed.

The victim was hospitalized after suffering four to seven stab wounds, according to McKenzie. He underwent surgery Monday and is expected to be OK.

I mean the poor dude didn't even cheat on her! She just dreamed that he did. But he got shanked with a kitchen knife!

She plugged him 4 to 7 times too, before he was able to wake up and put a stop to it (or run away screaming).

Imagine waking up to your wife stabbing you in the back!

  • "Honey, why are you shanking me repeatedly?"
  • "I had a dream that you cheated on me."
  • "OK?????"

Holy cow.

Thank God he's gonna be OK.


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