This Netherlands city is campaigning against sexual harassment by catcalling unsuspecting men in the street
· May 14, 2022 ·

Hey City of Utrecht, I don't think this is going to work out the way you think it's going to work out:

Yes, the old "giv'em some ‘a their own medicine" remedy. Utrecht, in The Netherlands, is going to stop sexual harassment in its tracks by catcalling men in the streets...

Yeah, that'll learn ‘em!

The municipality of Utrecht is kicking off a campaign against sexual harassment on the street on Friday by catcalling men as they walk…

A woman on a screen will catcall men as they walk the streets around Stadhuisburg between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Municipal employees will approach the men who got catcalled to talk to them about the campaign's purpose and ask how they feel about it.

The campaign's kick-off is deliberately confrontational and abrasive, a spokesperson for the municipality said.

I'm sorry, but have you met men?

Because they're going to love this.

And I guarantee the post-catcall interviews are going to be comedy gold.


"What did you think about the catcall, and how does this change the way you'll approach women in the future?"

"I actually really liked it. The girl on the screen was super cute. And she called me ‘stud.' My wife hasn't called me that for years!

"As far as how I'll treat women, I guess the catcall works. I mean, I loved it, so I'm sure women will, too."

That'll be like 90% of the guys, watch.

Sure, you'll have your shy guys blushing and getting all cute and stuff, but even they'll be feeling all sorts of butterflies inside.

More from NL Times:

The city wants to draw attention to this type of harassment - which half of women and girls in Utrecht regularly fall victim to - by making men feel "how uncomfortable and sometimes even threatening" it is…

It also focuses on the importance of reporting harassment so that the municipality can gain more insight into it.

Okay, I get it, and I'm done making lame jokes about how men really enjoy being the "victim" of a catcall. But if Utrecht really wanted to make a difference, they'd put a big burly guy out there on the street and have him do the catcalling. That would actually work, though I bet they'd get in trouble from the LGBT peeps.

What really needs to be said here to end the article is this: Men, you need to get it together. Stop hollering at women on the street as if they want to be with you. They don't. If you really want to meet a woman you're going to have to buck up and be a gentleman. Find a nice girl in the spice aisle at the grocery store, or near the history section at the bookstore. Spark up a conversation. But my goodness, don't go yelling, whistling, or whatever it is you do at women on the street. That's just juvenile.

Good day!

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