Ladies, find yourself someone who will love you as much as Dr. Fauci loves Dr. Fauci in this NYT puff piece
· Dec 30, 2022 ·

The ego on this guy may only be rivaled by the likes of Barrack Obama and Kanye West.

The adoring fangirl at the New York Times who wrote this laudatory piece on The Science™ Dr. Anthony Fauci noted at the start that Fauci has adorned his walls with portraits of himself, often painted or drawn by his adoring fans.

he walls in Dr. Anthony S. Fauci's home office are adorned with portraits of him, drawn and painted by some of his many fans. The most striking one is by the singer Joan Baez. The two of them, he said, "have become pretty good friends over the years."

Dr. Fauci seemed a little uncomfortable with people knowing about the pictures. He said that previously, when they were captured on camera, the "far right" attacked him as an "egomaniac." If someone goes to the trouble of sending him a portrait of himself, he said, he would "feel like I'm disrespecting them" if he discarded it.

"The Far Right" accused Fauci of being an egomaniac because he isn't afraid to hide his fan mail.

Because displaying your own fan mail and fan art on your walls and basking in a shrine to yourself is definitely not because of your giant ego.

He's just being polite to his fans!

Here's a photo of his office included in the story:

How many bobbleheads of yourself does the normal person have?

I'm guessing the average is around zero.

Included among his fans is this NYT writer, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, who has nothing but laudatory praise for his imminence.

Fauci has many controversies surrounding his handling of Covid. He lied about masks, downplayed treatments for Covid like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, pushed a vaccine based on the lie that it would prevent the spread of Covid, and funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan that, very well, may have been the genesis of the entire pandemic.

And what question does the NYT reporter ask about this?

House Republicans will bring you in to testify. Are you prepared for that?

I have no problem testifying before the Congress. I have nothing to hide. I could easily explain and justify everything I've done. So they're making a big to-do about it, but I respect the concept of oversight.

Yep. That's it. No follow-up. No questions about any of mishandling of Covid.

"What do you think of those mean anti-science Republicans who don't worship the ground you walk on?"

The rest of the questions are all fluff. What will you do in retirement, are you looking forward to writing your memoirs, etc.

Here are a couple of the "hard-hitting" questions:

Are there lessons that you think we've learned from Covid that, going forward, we should act on?

I look at preparedness and response to the outbreak in two major buckets. One is the scientific bucket, and one is the public health bucket.

If you look at what the major overriding success story of the pandemic has been, it's the scientific response, the years of investment in basic and clinical research that led to the absolutely unprecedented feat of going from the recognition of a brand-new virus in January of 2020 to doing massive clinical trials to getting the vaccine proven to be safe and effective and in the arms of people within 11 months. That was a major success.

What was not so successful was the public health response. We had antiquated systems. Things were not online or computerized. People were using fax machines. You can't do that when you're going to have a response to a pandemic.

So the lesson is continue to support the basic and clinical science, because we're going to need it, and try and strengthen our domestic and global public health infrastructure.

This dude.

The hubris of this guy in 2022 to not even acknowledge ANY negatives from the "scientific" handling of the pandemic.

Again, they lied about masks, suppressed treatments, and misrepresented the shot. Continually.

That's a success in Dr. Fauci's book. Because he can do no wrong.

I want to ask a little bit more about the politicization of science. How do you think we could come back from this deep hole that we seem to be in?

I don't know what the mechanism is, but hopefully people will realize that this is detrimental to what we all care about. We love our country. We care about family and values. Maybe it's naïve. I don't think it is. I'm not a naïve person. I'm an optimist, but I'm a cautious optimist. I just hope that the better angels in people will prevail.

Oh, it's so sad that science has been politicized, even though Fauci has done everything he could to make it non-political.

Like giving interviews to the NYT and CNN and not answering legitimate questions about gain-of-function, or attacking Republicans and saying they are criticizing him because "he represents science."

Fauci is a bad guy. Let's pray he will be held accountable in this life for all his misdeeds.


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