This rando ratioed the NHL for its gender propaganda, so the hockey league doubled down on crazy
· Nov 22, 2022 ·

The National Hockey League has joined the ranks of very serious organizations who have totally bought into the insane, anti-science, craze of the day: transgenderism.

Thankfully, hockey fans are a little smarter than the league's social media and PR teams when it comes to basic anatomy.




I mean, check out the ratio:

Here's what that means in hockey terms:

Okay, so, apparently this is a "trans and non-binary" exclusive team/league. So it's not really men on women's teams. It's more like men on teams with other men who are gender confused OR just couldn't hack it on the regular men's team.

But because we live in Clown World™, the NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE wanted to take this opportunity to slam one of their fans as an ignorant, hateful bigot for recognizing basic biology.

Twitter: The social media platform where powerful corporations bait regular people into responding to them so that they can slam those people, their fans, for social credit points.

But okay, NHL, if you wanna play this game let's play it.

I'd LOVE to see the first transgender male player in the NHL. Or, better yet, how about a transgender woman in the female hockey league? That wouldn't end up badly in any way.

These holier-than-thou woke moralists on the Left are truly the worst.

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