Michigan's Grand Valley State University to hold 5 separate graduation ceremonies segregated by race, LGBTQ identity 🤡
· Mar 21, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Wokeism, safe spaces, the sexual revolution, all of it has led back to this.

Schools are now segregating their graduation ceremonies by race and sexuality because everything woke turns to... you know the rest.

Grand Valley State University up in Michigan sent out this email detailing the different ceremonies celebrating all of the GVSU graduates unless they happen to be straight and white.

This graduation season, GVSU wants to showcase their wonderful and diverse students by segregating them and having them graduate in ceremonies where every single person there looks exactly like them.

There's an Asian graduation ceremony, then a black graduation ceremony, then a (I am not making this up) "Latino/a/x" ceremony.

Then there's the "Lavender" graduation which is for all the many gender and sex minorities they're pumping out of this school and into society.

And we can't forget to give "natives" their own special graduation ceremony. But according to the expert intersectionality folks, most of them are probably "two-spirit," so I bet they'll go to the Lavender celebration.

There's no graduation for straight white people, so, I assume they'll just have to graduate without a ceremony? Or perhaps there's a super secret ceremony for straight whites at GVSU. They certainly wouldn't call it a "celebration" like these other ceremonies since white people obviously don't deserve to be celebrated!

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