This mega-rich California neighborhood wants residents to volunteer their homes to be burglarized so authorities can catch the people who keep breaking into them
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Dude, this is unbelievable.

A rich California neighborhood, home to NBA star Steph Curry, has seen a string of break-ins recently (at one point last week five homes had been broken into in two days), so what are they doing to put a stop to the burglaries?

They're asking residents to volunteer to have their homes broken into, and then authorities will track down the thieves using tracking devices preemptively placed inside items within those volunteered-to-be-burglarized homes.

Not kidding.

This is the richest zip code in the nation, so this isn't just some silly game they're playing out in California. It's serious business. The high-class neighborhood had a similar string of break-ins back in 2022, which were connected to an organized crime ring out of Chile. No worries on the open border 500 miles to the south. That's not a concern.

Atherton Police Commander Dan Larsen told The Post this week several residents have already gamely volunteered to have their residences used to lure unsuspecting crooks.

Larsen said that items inside the strategically selected homes will be equipped with tracking devices to allow for rapid apprehensions.

The agency also plans to place enhanced surveillance devices on the properties to detect when a home has been breached.

'By leveraging innovative technology and community collaboration, we aim to reduce burglary rates and enhance the overall quality of life for everyone in Atherton,' the agency said in a statement.

Atherton authorities are urging citizens to be vigilant in the wake of all these break-ins, though I'm not sure how vigilant they want the break-into-my-house volunteers to remain.

If it was me running this experiment I wouldn't be asking citizens to offer up their homes to be burglarized, I'd have them come out guns blazin' when the perps arrived.

Although then we wouldn't be able to track them back to where they're operating from. So maybe this idea, though it seems straight out of Clown World, isn't such a bad one after all.

And hopefully it works out.

But don't forget, folks, crime is "down."

Crime. Is. Down.

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