This Virginia teachers' union sent out a letter because they are afraid to return to work, but they got mocked mercilessly because the letter was chock full of grammatical errors 😬
· · Jan 3, 2022 ·

Not only is the Arlington Education Association woefully uneducated on the risks of the 'Rona, but it seems its members have about a 2nd-grade comprehension of the English language.

Look at this letter, folks.


The absolute worst error, in my professional opinion?

The fire departments in are region are exemplifying domino outbreaks as well.

Seriously, go and show this letter to your friends who are constantly commenting on people's spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation. This is guaranteed to give them a heart attack much faster than ending a sentence with a preposition or screwing up apostrophes.

More info from Fox News:

Ellen Gallery, a homeschooling mother of three who lives in the area, claimed that she and her kids had gone through the letter, correcting mistakes. She and her kids marked what they identified as eight errors in that one opening sentence.


"Being able to write a clear, persuasive letter is a fundamental skill all students should master before high school," Gallery told Fox News. "The quality of this writing was so glaringly terrible that it distracts from the writer's message."

Homeschooling: 2,452,987

Public school: -1

Why negative one, you ask?

Because of this literal response from the superintendent about why his grammar is so bad:

"The COVID-19 pandemic has persisted far longer than any of us in the Arlington community had expected," the teachers union president wrote in the statement. "A draft letter was sent in place of a fully edited one in a rush to address the latest challenge. While I personally take full responsibility for this mistake, errors in my letter should in no way distract from its message: Arlington's students and educators are returning to school Monday without sufficient testing supplies and with a lunch plan that fails to address the increased risks associated with the Omicron variant."

So... basically, this guy says he's really bad at writing, administration, and file management because the pandemic has "persisted" for so long (and also you should shut up because the super-scary Omicron is coming to give your kid the sniffles).

You gotta love how many of our nation's supposed educators are some of the most braindead people out there!

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