This weird looking sheep just sold for half a million
· Aug 29, 2020 ·

That sheep you see above, which is weird looking and resembles a sheep/bulldog hybrid, just sold for half a milli in Scotland. $490,000 to be exact, in the name of journalistic integrity.

Fox News tells us:

The animal, named Double Diamond, comes from a very respectable lineage in the sheep world. He was bred via artificial insemination using a champion ram valued at more than $86,000 and an ewe valued at more than $46,000.Texel are a sought-after breed of sheep originally from the Netherlands. The lambs grow fast and the sheep are "ideal" for butchers, according to the society.

I'm sorry but how do you go from an $86K dad and a $46K mom to a $490K kid? How does that math work?

And OK, they're "ideal for butchers." Like are they really that ideal? Half a mil for some mutton?

It's a weird looking animal. It appears to have four eyeballs. I myself see nothing super special about it other than that one thing you already noticed too but I'm not going to type anything about that here because we keep things PG at Not the Bee.

Also I would never say that the lady in the picture looks freakishly similar to the weird looking sheep, but that's the first thing I thought when I saw the picture. But I would never say that.

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