This powerful testimony from a molecular geneticist completely destroys transgender ideology in just two minutes
ยท Aug 24, 2022 ยท

This video from a debate by Peter Boghossian is going viral on Twitter.

In this video, the woman has very clear convictions and is 100% certain about the scientific and ontological fact that women are women and men can't be women.


You can watch the entirety of the video here.

What she says is simple, yet profound. Like the little boy shouting that the emperor has no clothes, this woman shouts out the obvious reality we are no longer allowed to acknowledge.

I'm a geneticist. Being male or being female is a developmental process. You can't go backwards. So you can't change your sex. You cannot do that.

It's as simple as that.

You cannot change who you physically are. You're born into a male body with male chromosomes then you are a male.

Sorry if that's inconvenient for some. And I feel terrible for those suffering from this mental issue. But reality can't be bent to fit the whims of the transgender moment.

She goes on.

In California prisons and prisons in other parts of the country, women are getting impregnated by other "women..."

You cannot house men with female prisoners because they get raped. And that's happening today.

You know I go to the women's changing room at my gym and there's a dude in there he's putting on makeup and hoop earrings. This is not something a woman does when she goes to work out.

These are just biological and ontological realities that society is pretending don't exist because some people think they're in the wrong body. But we aren't allowed to help them come to terms with reality. That's "conversion therapy" in today's world.

But the experts says chopping off healthy body parts and putting fake opposite-sex genitals is "confirmation surgery."

Sorry, we can't escape reality. Can't happen.

...nor do women beat each other to death. But men do. It's just so sad that women have internalized misogyny to the point where the men's comfort takes precedence over the women's safety.

There's a reason why they don't want to be in men's prisons. Because men beat each other to death. Women don't do that.

Boghossian then asks the woman if there's anything that would make her move just a little, from "strongly disagree" to "disagree."

Her answer nails it.

I am as confident as I am that this is MY hand in front of my face instead of yours... this is the most insane thing that has ever happened to me in my life, that women are "a feeling" now.

Womanhood has been reduced by the transgender movement to a "feeling." That's so sad, and so true.

Someone IS their sex down to the molecular level. But if you "feel" like you don't belong in your body we will reshape all of society to fit your preference.

The emperor has no clothes. The whole transgender movement is a deception being played on all of society.

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