This woman makes comics like this about her husband and the internet has thoughts
· Aug 1, 2022 ·

There's a lady named Mary Catherine Starr (pronouns she/her/hers so you know where this is going) who makes a comic using her husband to show the evils of the patriarchy.

No, really:

Over the last week, she broke the internet as her comics went viral and people began to wonder how such bitterness could exist. Here's a few examples of her work:

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

Yeah, so her husband buys and cooks all the food, pays all the bills, does all home maintenance, shoulders his own mental burdens alone, does his own laundry, and watches the kid(s) so this woman can go teach yoga.

And this is the treatment he gets from her on the internet.

To be fair, she often says she's saying these things in jest and that her husband laughs at her jokes, but his lack of awareness at his own degradation doesn't exactly make things better.

The internet had thoughts:

LOL, adding the wojak and Chad faces to the comics really makes them 100x better:

* * *

(That my friends, is called having a self-righteous virtue-signal chip on your shoulder)

This woman has fallen into the trap of disrespecting her husband but she's claiming she's the victim.

No, really. She is making this about the entire misogynistic establishment against women instead of her own issues.

It's almost like the Apostle Paul was onto something when he told men to love their wives and women to respect their husbands, as if each sex has trouble with certain things!!

In case you think I'm being harsh, imagine that this comic was created by a man who made fun of his wife's desire to be loved. Imagine that he laughed at her unrealistic desires for romance, then laughed at her need to be cherished as special while he spent his money and time on himself.

Our culture would call him a misogynistic pig. But because of its blinders, it can't see the poison of this woman's disrespect that flows out of the lies of modernism and feminism towards her husband (who seems like anything but an abusive deadbeat).

If you are bitter with the stress of the #MomLife, ditch the feminism, encourage your man to be GigaChad, and get on your knees together to pray.

And for the love of everything on God's green earth, thank your man every once in a while for working to provide those dang peaches.

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