TIME says Twitter employees have written a stern letter to protest Elon's plan to fire 75% of them
· Oct 25, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Aw, the woke Twitter censors are big-mad that Elon Musk is gonna make the company profitable, force them to work, and demand they respect free speech!

What a bunch of crybabies. They don't even have to learn how to code!

I guarantee they'll be able to find jobs at other woke companies that want to invade our privacy, brainwash our kids, and censor our thoughtcrimes.

From TIME:

Employees at Twitter are circulating an open letter protesting Elon Musk's plan to fire as much as 75% of the company's workforce, as the deadline for him to complete his $44 billion acquisition of the company looms, TIME has learned.

Musk must complete the acquisition by Friday or face the resumption of a lawsuit in a Delaware court.

Elon Musk told prospective funders of his Twitter acquisition that he planned to replace or eradicate the jobs of nearly 75% of Twitter's staff, reducing headcount from 7,500 to just 2,000, the Washington Post reported last week. Musk has previously claimed that the social media company is bloated, and has also said its workforce has a "strong left-wing bias."

Well, that's just the plain truth.

Twitter hasn't been a very profitable company despite its value as an essential service in the digital age.

And it repeatedly censors conservatives on a daily basis. I've watched conservatives with huge followings get hardly any promotion by the site's algorithms. Plenty of others have been banned for saying things about Hunter Biden, Covid, masks, and elections that have been proven true.

Don't even get me started on the fact that The Babylon Bee has been banned for 6 months because of a joke!

TIME reviewed a draft of the open letter circulating among Twitter employees on Monday. "Elon Musk's plan to lay off 75% of Twitter workers will hurt Twitter's ability to serve the public conversation," said the draft of the letter, which has not yet been published. "A threat of this magnitude is reckless, undermines our users' and customers' trust in our platform, and is a transparent act of worker intimidation."

Nope. Actually, firing you egotistical boneheads is the only thing that's going to make any of us trust Twitter as a platform for the digital public square ever again.

The letter demands that Musk commits to preserving Twitter's current headcount if his takeover of the company goes through. It also demands he does not discriminate against employees based on their political beliefs and that he commits to "fair" severance policies and more communication about working conditions. "We demand to be treated with dignity, and to not be treated as mere pawns in a game played by billionaires," the list of demands says.

Oh, so the employees of Twitter are saying that if I applied for a job as an openly Christian, conservative person, that they wouldn't discriminate against me for believing that abortion is wrong, men can't be women, and kids shouldn't be taught trans ideology?

Get out of here with your double standards, you hypocrites.

From the letter:

We, the workers at Twitter, will not be intimidated. We recommit to supporting the communities, organizations, and businesses who rely on Twitter. We will not stop serving the public conversation.

We call on Twitter management and Elon Musk to cease these negligent layoff threats. As workers, we deserve concrete commitments so we can continue to preserve the integrity of our platform.



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