Today this alphabet book for kids helped me learn what "queerspawn" means!
· May 17, 2022 ·

Reality continues putting comedy out of business at a record pace:

The name of this book (for kids, mind you) is literally "M is for Mustache," and features a little girl in a princess dress wearing a mustache because of course.

Check out some of the pages:

* * *

* * *

* * *

I saved the best for last.

You've been wondering what "queerspawn" is, haven't you?

Q is for Queerspawn. Queerspawn is one word for kids as lucky as me to have parents who are lesbian or bi or trans or queer or two-spirit

Imagine teaching your kids a word like "queerspawn" and thinking you're a good human being instead of a reptilian swamp creature.

Apparently the book has been around awhile, but I was unfortunate to learn of its existence today so you had to as well.

Unfortunately as well, the book was simply not woke enough for the true believers:

Remember, G is for Grooming!

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