Toronto elementary school hosting a "sexuality diversity" workshop for kids as young as four!
· Apr 11, 2022 ·

Remember when, the "where do babies come from?" question was what most parents dreaded coming up?

Well, as a civilized (but not so civilized) society we have gone so, so much further (and it's terrifying).

[Warning: Sexual Content Ahead]

A Toronto District School Board (TDSB) elementary school is hosting a series of workshops on affirming "sexuality diversity in children" and youth.

Rawlinson Community School seminars titled "Affirmation of Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Children, Youth and Families" are being conducted by the organization 519 Space For Change.

The series is kicking off on April 12 at 7:00PM EST, so there is still time to get your kids the heck out of there!!!

"Sessions will focus on Affirmation of Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Children, Youth and Families. We look forward to seeing many of our Rawlinson families at this workshop as we continue to deepen our perspectives and understanding of equity and inclusion," school officials wrote.

Please, protect these children.

Now, let's gather around boys and girls (and non-binary lizard fairy persons).

And let's learn a new word!


Say it with me, het·er·o·sex·ism


Because old fashioned homophobia wasn't diverse and inclusive (or is it exclusive?) enough... Heterosexism means "the marginalization and/or oppression of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and/or asexual, based on the belief that heterosexuality is the norm."

519 Space for Change is an LGBTQ-L-M-N-O-P City of Toronto agency that has been operating since the 1970s. It has repeatedly partnered with local schools to offer educational and social programs.

The agency's website contains guides full of explicit sexualized language on oral sex, masturbation, and prostitution.

This guide contains words and topics that I myself am too embarrassed to say here.

What is this sick obsession with sexualizing children???

This is a full on workshop dedicated to exposing children to LBGTQ ideas and life-changing experiments.

Shame on TDSB, shame on these schools, shame on these organizers and most of all SHAME on the parents who will click that evil Zoom link.

Parents are supposed to protect their children, at all cost! Not to indoctrinate them and expose them to explicit sexualized materials and information! Any parents who use their kids to virtue signal like this and expose them to such mature content should be investigated.

Where did we go so wrong?

Would these organizers and parents even condemn individuals like Jeffrey Epstein? After all, the 519 Space for Change guide has an entire section on sex work!

And who are the kids' parents, or any of us, to say or dictate what children, pre-teens and teens do with their own bodies... right?

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