TOTALLY nothing shady is happening at this Detroit ballot counting station
· Nov 4, 2020 ·

Things are heating up in Detroit, where Republican poll watchers are being barred from entering the facility.

There is absolutely nothing to see here, folks. Just official poll watchers being shut out from a facility that's been pumping out hardcore Biden numbers all day. It's not like the guy in this video tells all the "Republican challengers" to get out.

Here's another view of other poll watchers stuck outside this center, the TCF Center in Wayne County, where the doors are now reportedly locked.

A few videos have leaked from inside the facility, where everything seems above board, like these women who reported seeing ballots filled out for people who must be at least 120 years old.


Just a reminder that Michigan was handily trending TRUMP last night before a sudden, massive uptick Wednesday morning where 100% of votes magically went to Biden.


There also haven't been multiple other issues with vote dumps for Biden and "data error" in other Michigan counties.

I'm sure all of these glitches and sudden shifts in traditionally Democrat strongholds are totally explainable and normal.

This is fine.

Everything is fine.

Edit: More on the situation was reported Wednesday, detailing some of the chaos that unfolded at the TCF Center. It seems as though both parties had exceeded the maximum number of poll watchers allowed due to heavy national focus on the county. However, GOP representatives have listed major complaints on procedure not being followed. One example came from Tim Griffin of the conservative law firm Thomas More Society, who noted that only a dozen or so of the 600-700 poll workers were Republicans.

In the meantime, no solid explanation has been given for the massive vote dumps in Detroit that were nearly 100% in favor of Biden. As of Wednesday evening, the TCF Center had largely finished counting absentee ballots. Trump has filed a court case in the state regarding some pretty serious discrepancies.

There's also this fun van that reportedly showed up and took a wagon-full of probably-not-ballots into the Detroit counting location at the crack of dawn.

Stay tuned for more updates on the circus show, folks!

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