Trans activists force anthropologists to cancel conference panel discussing the identification of male and female skeletons 🤡
· Sep 29, 2023 ·

Congratulations young anthropologist, you've just discovered an ancient burial ground which will give you unparalleled insights into how men and women lived 2,500 years ago.

But how do you know which ones are men and which ones are women?

The world's largest anthropological conference with the American Anthropological Association and the Canadian Anthropology Society had hoped to answer that question in a panel using science we've had since the dawn of humanity.

The event would have discussed "Sex identification whether an individual was male or female - using the skeleton is one of the most fundamental components in bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology."

And skeletal distinctions between men and women are not hard to make.

Here they are:

This is where the trans activists come in and say:

"But how do you know which ones are men and which ones are women?"

Which is exactly what happened at the anthropological conference and got the panel canceled.

One of the speakers for the panel, Elizabeth Weiss, an anthropology professor at San José State University, said,

The field has been nose-diving into an 'off the rails' agenda, with activists pushing for some facts to be replaced with feelings. As anthropologists have developed more precise metrics to determine the sex of the human skeleton they study in the field, the more they get attacked for knowing and being able to determine those differences.

Truth is not necessarily considered an objective goal and the victims' narrative is more important than facts. Who tells the story is more important than the data, which we obviously know is not true.

The anthropological societies released a statement saying,

There is no place for transphobia in anthropology.

The session was rejected because it [was] framed in ways that do harm to vulnerable members of our community. It commits one of the cardinal sins of scholarship — it assumes the truth of the proposition that it sets out to prove, namely, that sex and gender are simplistically binary, and that this is a fact with meaningful implications for the discipline.

That's the most unscientific statement I've ever read.

The sex of skeletons is simplistically binary. That's a provable fact. See the above diagram.

Whether or not those male/female skeletons were gender-fluid in life, however unlikely that would be 2,500 years ago, is not something that can be determined by a skeleton, and thus claiming anything other is assuming the truth of their proposition.

That large male skeleton cannot speak from the grave and say, "It's ma'am!"

But who cares about science these days!

I think Dr. Weiss explains these trans activists best:

"I also think that the increase in the trans what I would say ‘social contagion' has led to activists in the field… So they're not really interested in understanding… how a tribe in the rainforest of Brazil lived. They want to push their agenda onto those narratives to make it more seem more normal," Weiss said.

I think the best thing to do with these activists is to take a cue from Riley Gaines and her audience when they were confronted with an activist anthropology professor who pushed this nonsense.

Point and laugh.

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