Trans cyclist doesn't feel safe competing against men, wants to take it to court
· Feb 23, 2024 ·

Last year, British Cycling banned men pretending to be women from competing against actual women.

This year, transgender cyclist Emily Bridges promises to take British Cycling to court over it because HE doesn't feel safe competing against OTHER MEN.

Bridges, 23, was even offered the opportunity to participate in the 'open' category alongside other transgender athletes, regardless of gender - men, women, or anything in between.

But that would just be too reasonable, wouldn't it?

And that would kind of take the fun out of it for him, you see ...

He turned that opportunity down, stating that he felt unsafe competing against men and that transgender women should not have to "out" themselves to compete.

That's not fair ... it's not safe either.

Bridges told the Daily Mail that he had hoped to compete in the Paris Olympics this summer, but that dream was "gone now," and competing is "not something I really want to do anymore."

Listen to him talk about his fear in his deep manly voice:

More quotes:

I don't care if I never compete again. It's for other people who want to compete and it's just about what's right.


If we were allowed to compete, if I was allowed to compete, it would be a different conversation, but I can't compete.

He's now threatening to sue.

He believes making athletes compete in the gender category they were born in is a breach of human rights.

A ban is a ban. You can say you can compete in the open category, but we're women - we should be able to race in the women's category.

"We're women."

Umm... how do I say this?

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