Transgender High School Volleyball Player's Powerful Spike Severely Injures Female Opponent
· Oct 22, 2022 ·

Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly why you do not allow biological males to participate in female athletics:

A few things:

Men are stronger than women.

Men are taller than women.

And when a man plays volleyball at a competitive level, against women, this is what happens (sorry for the low-quality vid, it's all we got):




Coach said he had never seen a spike like that in all of his years coaching girls volleyball.

I wonder why!

"It is reported that the Hiwassee Dam player, a biological girl, suffered severe head and neck injuries, resulting in ongoing concussion symptoms, including vision problems. The girl has still not yet been cleared to play again by her primary care physician or a neurologist."

It is absolute lunacy to continue down this road the Left has paved for female athletics (and a lot of other things, too).

Just look at the solution here for the injured girl's squad:

Due to her injuries and the unfair, dangerous physical disadvantages that create a "safety issue," the local Cherokee County Board of Education voted to cancel all future games against the opposing school, Highlands High School.

So not only is this girl from Hiwassee Dam still recovering from her severe injuries due to that nasty spike to the face, but all the girls on the biological male's team will not be able to participate when Hiwassee Dam is on the schedule.

I never thought I'd say this, but men — yes, men — are ruining women's sports.

And if we're not careful, they'll soon dominate them.

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