"It has killed the Indian": Trans Indigenous Canadian requests assisted suicide from government after having genitals removed
· Jan 21, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Is this what they call "progress"?

To translate, this is an indigenous man who underwent surgery to remove his genitals 14 years ago and have fake female genitalia recreated to make him appear like a woman. He is now applying to Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program, which has already euthanized thousands of people across the nation. The program has drawn international attention due to the government's push to recommend the system for generally healthy people, such as disabled veterans.

We have been told repeatedly that these surgeries allow people to live out their true identities, and if we refuse this "treatment" that "affirms" them, they are at risk for depression and suicide.

And yet objective truth and biological reality have a way of continually reasserting themselves.

When doctors remove a man's genitals, they create a pouch of skin – essentially a gaping wound – to try and imitate the female form. People must regularly "dilate" this wound, in a similar way that one might stretch the earlobes with gauges, in order to prevent the body from healing itself and forming scar tissue.

The fake female genitalia very rarely has any actual nerve sensation, leaving people who get the surgery as sterile with little sex drive or feeling. It is even more barbaric than other cultural equivalents, such as female genital mutilation that happens in some countries of Africa and Asia.

Canada is passionately pursuing every facet of modern gender theory, and yet one of its most favored residents – an intersectional transgender indigenous person – took months to get a basic referral that you'd get within days here in the States.

That's how broken the socialist "free" healthcare system is in Canada.

It turns out that handing over control of one's identity to the State has ramifications – in this case, a person who would consider himself a woman was rightfully (surprisingly) labelled a homosexual man, but on a whim the State doctors decided to erase all reference to sexuality by simply making him "asexual" in the system.

It's tragic in ways I can't even begin to describe.

I think of how we describe each other as men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers. I think of how the Bible teaches the revolutionary concept that God describes Himself as our Father. Christians call each other brothers and sisters in Christ. These words and identities have meaning.

The identity prescribed by the government does not.

I don't want to make light of this to score political points.

But pay attention to that last sentence.

"It has killed the Indian."

The spread of Marxist thought experiments mixed with New Age existentialism that we call "woke" purports to be the "anti-colonizing" force that is removing the harmful "imperialism" of Western civilization on other cultures and peoples.

But the (mostly white) leftists colonized this native man by brainwashing him into their cultish thinking. They are the new colonizers.

But unlike the old colonizers – some of whom did do abhorrent things – there is no parallel redemption story of hope for a brighter future. There is no hope of advanced medicine, education, or eternal life.

Instead, there is simply a rainbow flag and a scalpel.

I don't know if this person will be granted his request for State-sponsored suicide.

I pray not. I pray he realizes he still has value and worth – not as a "trans woman" or an "asexual," but as a man wonderfully created in the image of God. The lack of genitals or physical ability does not diminish that image inside him.

But I look to the Great North and sadly see many like him: Many who bought into a false gospel of a bright future that ended with them being used by politicians and doctors to get rich at their expense.

I pray Canada wakes up before it is too late and masses of their countrymen suffer the same fate.

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