Trump-Hating Actor Michael Rapaport Films A Guy Shoplifting And Doesn't Understand How Something Like This Could Happen 🤔
· Jan 26, 2022 ·

Ultra-lib and Trump hater Michael Rapaport was completely stunned while he was shopping at a NYC Rite-Aid and saw a thief brazenly stealing items right off the shelf and walking past security in broad daylight.

[Language Warning]

Rapaport might need a little lesson in cause and effect, it would seem.

It's almost like if you support the candidates who are soft on crime, crime will increase.

It's like the man has no idea that his actions and how he votes effects the real world in any way.

He was also shocked to learn the Rite-Aid location is closing and laying off its workers due to the thefts.

No cash bail, a VP who bails out violent rioters, a NYC policy that makes theft under $1,000 a misdemeanor, "anti-racist" policies that call theft "reparations" based on the color of your skin, and you're surprised at the result?

Rapaport needs to get woke to the results of his own favored policies!

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