Trump responds to voter who confronts him for pushing Covid vax: "There's a big portion of the country that thinks it was a great thing!"
· Jun 2, 2023 ·

Donald Trump was finally confronted by a voter over one of his weakest points, his push for the Covid vaccines.

Voter: We have lost people because you supported the jab. What do you think you would do different?

Here's Trump's chance to address the vaccine issue with his voters. Let's see how he does.

Everbody wanted a vaccine at that time. And I was able to do something that nobody else could have done, getting it done very, very rapidly.

Okay, so Trump is right. Because Fauci and the health officials Trump propped up were all wish casting about the vaccine, a lot of people wanted it. And Trump pulled a lot of strings to get the Fauci ouchie out as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, Trump was likely scammed since the plan for the MRNA jab had been around for a while. But, he's right, when they first came out many were happy with the jab and really wanted it. It was a popular position.

I never was for mandates. I thought the mandates were terrible.

Also, true and good. Trump would have never gone full-Biden and tried to get you fired from your job for not taking the vaccine. He handled Covid poorly, but he wasn't about to implement those awful mandates, which is good.

This is all reasonable so far.

And you know, there's a big portion of the country that thinks that was a great thing. Not a lot of people in this room but there is a big portion.

And there you have it.

He will NEVER admit that his vaccine caused negative effects.

Trump isn't going to back down from pushing the vaccine because he knows that, while some conservatives are very anti-vax, a majority of people are pro-vax. And he can pull the numbers that make it seem like the vax was lifesaving.

When you listen to his explanation, it's not going to make a lot of DeSantis supporters, who are more anti-vax, happy.

But at least Trump is being honest about his position. He was and still is pro-Fauci ouchie but without the mandates.

And that actually is a somewhat popular position outside of conservative circles.

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