Tucker Carlson is in Madrid to cover the countrywide protests against the government that the media doesn't want to show us
ยท Nov 13, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

Spaniards are rebelling against their socialist, globalist government en masse, but it's just a little blip in the news.

All the major outlets have paid lip service to it...

...but the media is focused on the usual things.

I looked at Reuters's "Five stories you need to know about today" for Monday, November 13, and they included the largely debunked news that newborn babies were dying at a key hospital in Gaza (with Hamas HQ underneath) because of Israel, UK leader David Cameron becoming foreign minister, Joe Biden establishing "military-to-military ties" with China, Donald Trump Jr. testifying in the kangaroo court of his father's NYC "trial" (the wife of the judge seems to sure hate Trump, doesn't she?), and President Trump filing a motion to have his federal case televised.

It's hard to find any visuals of what's happening in Spain, just like other protests (farmer's protest in the Netherlands, trucker protest in Canada) around the world that go against the agenda of the global elites. If you're over on Twitter/X, however, the videos have been popping up everywhere for days.

Welp, Tucker Carlson doesn't like that, so he's on the ground in Madrid to see what's happening.

Dude left a ringside UFC fight with Donald Trump and booked a flight to Spain. I love it.

The people love him:

What's happening in Spain is complicated: There are separatists in the region of Catalan that borders France who have spent hundreds of years fighting against the Spanish government for independence. Spain tried to force the region to assimilate by getting rid of their language and traditions and emphasizing wider Spanish culture and education.

Spain unified in 1714, but in the mid-1800s, groups calling to separate began to form.

A decade ago, referendums on independence popped up more widely, led by far-left political leaders. In 2017, then-President of Catalan Carles Puigdemont led a bid for secession that caused an uproar. Under his direction, the Catalan Parliament voted to leave Spain, resulting in the Spanish Senate invoking their constitution to overturn the results and strip Puigdemont of his position. Puigdemont then fled.

Those who shape history have the craziest hair

Many Spaniards accuse leftists in the government to use Catalan as, say, minority groups are used in America - as a tool to bludgeon the wider country with lots of "-isms" attached to their rhetoric. The goal, they say, was to destabilize the centrist government.

As is typical with such alliances, money flowed freely. Opponents accuse the leftist government of essentially bribing the Catalan separatists to not declare independence with hundreds of millions of euros - euros that then allegedly made their way back to the leftist leaders. For Americans, perhaps the best comparison would be funneling money to entities like teachers' unions, Planned Parenthood, and BLM to "keep the peace" while also allowing that money to flow back into the Democrat war chest in the form of donations.

The Spanish government, led by many of the far-left elements that were buddy-buddy in this scheme with the separatists, now want to pardon the separatists and average Spaniards have finally had enough of it.

At least, that's how I understand it.

(Perhaps you are an expert on Catalonian secession and you'd like to post an "AKSHUALLY" in the comments.)

My evening of light reading on the subject is nowhere NEAR as informative as an on-the-ground analysis from real journalists who have the resources to talk to the right people and publish it with quality production.

Which is why we need Tucker.

I, for one, am looking forward to his video on the subject!

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