Twitter finally murked the Project Veritas account for "posting private information" which is more than a little ironic.
· Feb 11, 2021 ·

Earlier this week, Project Veritas released a report on Guy Rosen, Facebook's VP of Integrity (yes, that's his REAL title, rofl). And apparently, Twitter didn't think that was very chill of them.

So initially Twitter temporarily locked the accounts of both O'Keefe and Project Veritas.

Here are some screenies as posted by Breaking911 of the messages Project Veritas and O'Keefe received when they tried to access their accounts.

It's unclear what private information Twitter are saying was the problem. Part of the Project Veritas report did include video of O'Keefe confronting Rosen outside of his home. So maybe that's what they're counting? But it's not like they posted his address or something. And you'll notice they were even blurring license plates and other information in the video.

It sure just feels like another excuse to go after someone who is exposing Big Tech.

The irony is that the story that got them locked out of their accounts was literally about how social media companies freeze commenting threads in which things they don't like are being said!

It's even worse when you consider all of the videos of Antifa harassing people in their homes posted to Twitter, or journalists using the social media site to doxx conservatives, or even the fact that stories featuring Trump's stolen tax returns were circulated freely on the platform without reprisal.

In leaked audio from an internal Facebook meeting Guy Rosen said the following,

We have a system that is able to freeze commenting on threads in cases where our systems are detecting that there may be a thread that has hate speech or violence...these are all things we've built over the past three-four years as part of our investments into the integrity space our efforts to protect the election."

O'Keefe went to Rosen's house to ask him to explain the policy and tell how they define hate speech (one of the most important questions that these companies need to be forced to answer, I might add).

At any rate, it initially appeared that the freeze was temporary. But now if you go to the Project Veritas Twitter profile you are currently greeted with this:


It this a permanent murking? It's hard to know with how Twitter uses the word "suspended."

But it sure seems like the social media giants don't take too kindly to having their censorship plans dragged out into the light.

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