Two Irishmen propped up a dead guy and brought him into the post office in an effort to collect his pension

Jan 24th

I'm sorry, but did these guys really think this would work?

The two men were apparently acquaintances of the pensioner.

I'm guessing the dead guy is the one friend of the three who usually chimes in with a "nah, not a good idea, guys," when situations like this present themselves.

Because this was just too much.

Apparently there was a line outside of the post office (because of social distancing) and people took notice of the odd-looking threesome before they even entered the building.

A local woman living beside the post office told how her daughter witnessed two men carrying a man into the shop.

"She was leaving my house at the time and said the man looked unwell as his feet were dragging the ground," she said.

And inside the post office it was much the same. Employees could totally tell he wasn't kicking, and no money was given away.

Ireland's state police were quickly alerted and showed up shortly after this, but it seems the guys got away. Worse, they simply left the dead guy behind—right there on the post office floor.

Not cool, man. Not cool.

Police did note that they suspect no foul play, since the pensioner had died just hours before the visit.

Personally, I still call that foul play. But hey, whatever.


UPDATE: One of the men was reportedly the man's nephew and said he "didn't realize he'd died." Yeah, mmkay!


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