Not satire: "Two men dressed as women impregnate one of their own sisters to become their surrogate so they can have twins"
· Mar 29, 2024 ·

Nothing good ever came from a story that begins this way:

My sister … is carrying both our twins.

At first blush you might be merely curious:

But the reality is much, much more disturbing:

[Warning: This is deeply disturbing stuff all around]

That's right: These guys are using a family member as a surrogate for their own babies.

As they put it on a recent podcast:

Joseph and Nathan are starting a family. Kortney - [who is] best friend to Joseph's sister Breeana - donated her beautiful eggs to Joseph Ryan and Nathan Wayne Hughes. Breeana is currently preggers with two of the babies as she is the "designer oven" and taking it easy these days in a wheelchair but still rolling around taking care of business.

So a friend donated her eggs, the two guys fertilized them, and then they implanted those fertilized eggs in the sister of one of the guys.

I just...

Responses are what you would expect, and in this case, that's a good thing:

One commentator put it best:

Because they presumably used the help of doctors and IVF, this isn't technically incest, but it's getting dangerously close. Implanting fertilized eggs from your sister-in-law into your sister is so insanely depraved that people never thought to make a law against it. When you compound that with the fact they are doing this because it sells well on social media, it's even worse. The slope is real and it's getting slipperier every day.

Yes it is, folks.

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