Oh Man: Biden's Economic Approval Ratings Are So Bad He's Doing Worse Than Jimmy Carter! ๐Ÿ˜ญ
ยท ยท Dec 24, 2021 ยท NottheBee.com

This is certainly not good.

Not good for Joe Biden, and not good for the country.

A new poll from CNN reveals that Biden's numbers on the economy are the worst since polling has begun, even lower than one-term president Jimmy Carter at this point in his tenure.

"President Joe Biden is struggling in the minds of the American public. While his approval rating is down on a slew of issues, his difficulties are perhaps most noticeable on the economy.

Biden now sports the lowest net economic rating of any president at this point through their first term since at least Jimmy Carter in 1977.

In the latest CNN/SSRS poll, Biden comes in with a 44% approval rating to 55% disapproval rating among registered voters on his economic performance. This makes for a -9 point net approval rating. The average of all polls taken in December is quite similar with Biden at -13 points on the economy.

To put that in perspective, the average president at this point in the last 44 years (since we have been polling on the topic) had a net economic approval rating of +5 points. That means Biden's is 18 points worse than the average."

So, according to CNN, Biden has a -9 net approval rating, and the average of all polls has him at a -13.

Biden is 18 points below average for a president at this time in his tenure.

"Inflation, in particular, seems to be a big issue for Biden. Just 28% of Americans approved of the job he is doing to handle inflation in a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll. This comes as more voters said they were concerned about inflation than any other issue in a December Fox News poll, and only 22% said the Biden's administration efforts to get inflation and rising prices under control were helping. The plurality (47%) said they were hurting.

Indeed, the issue of inflation hurting a president helps to put Biden's bad position in perspective. The public reaction now looks at least somewhat similar to how the public was reacting to another president under whom inflation was an issue: Carter.

A lot of Republicans like to draw parallels between Carter (who was a one-term president) and Biden. And at least early on, when it comes to public perceptions of the economy and inflation, there are some similarities between them.

Carter's economic net approval rating of -8 points in an early January 1978 CBS News/New York Times poll was the lowest around this point in a presidency before Biden's -13 points. The economy, and particularly inflation, was listed as the nation's top problem in a late October 1977 Gallup poll."

Biden is 5 points below Carter at the same point in his presidency. Jimmy Carter! The handling of the inflation crisis is squarely on Biden's shoulders and his popularity with voters is down the tubes.

Even CNN is admitting that the comparisons between Biden and Carter are obvious.

Does this count as a Babylon Bee prophecy fulfilled?

Time will tell.

Carter, after his poor handling of the economy, lost 48 states in the 1980 election. While that isn't likely to happen to Biden, if things continue this way it would not be a shock if the entire country turned against the Democrats and kicked them out of power.

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