Ohio Dems SCREAM, SLAM DESKS when state rep proposes ban on biological men in women's sports
· Jul 1, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Simple words in a headline don't do justice to this TEMPER TANTRUM these little children pretending to be state politicians threw on the Ohio statehouse floor on Monday.

Now, you might be wondering: do all statehouses have auxiliary percussion sections while lawmakers are talking?

Allow me to explain.

The Ohio state legislature had an amendment on the house floor to allow intercollegiate athletes to earn compensation for their names, image, and likeness. Rep. Jena Powell proposed additional language to the amendment that would ban male persons from competing in female competitions.

That's when these lefties went absolutely bananas.

"I can't explain always why the Left doesn't like some of the things that we do, but this is a simple bill, an amendment to say, "Hey, we want to protect the integrity of women's sports in the state of Ohio," Powell said.

"I think the Left is frustrated and oftentimes they speak out in ways that are very inappropriate. When I had the House floor, the Speaker did address me, which means I have the ability to speak. Instead of waiting for his turn to speak, he decided to erupt into yelling, and as you heard in the clip, just literally banging on top of his desk. I don't even think any of the members could hear my speech; that's how loud it really was."

You see, what we have here is not a percussion section. What we have here is the Woke Monster behaving as it does in its natural habitat.

Those were grown men and women literally banging their desks, booing, and squealing at another grown woman because she dared to challenge Wokeism.

I don't think there's any age level where this kind of behavior would (or should) be tolerated, much less a state legislature.

One of the main dudes leading the impromptu bongo session was Rep. Michael Skindell (as seen in the second video). Sadly, he appears to be a toddler trapped in a Boomer's body. It's no wonder Skindell wants Powell's additions to the amendment to be struck down.

Wait... that's it! It all makes sense now. He "presents" as a pre-schooler! If we take that away from him and the other moronic Ohio lawmakers, then they'd have no justification for this childish behavior.

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