Update: Eli Dicken stopped the mall shooter in 15 seconds flat, landing 8 out of 10 shots from his 9mm at 40 freaking yards!
Β· Jul 19, 2022 Β· NottheBee.com


That's at least a 240 times faster reaction speed than the Uvalde police.

Dicken reportedly hit the bad guy from 40 yards away with his 9mm Glock on the very first shot.

Ison explained to WRTV, Dicken's first shot at the gunman was from 40-50 yards away and it appeared the very first shot hit the gunman.

Dicken was able to hit the gunman with additional rounds.

On Tuesday, Johnson County Coroner Mike Pruitt said an autopsy found the suspect had eight gunshot wounds and none were self-inflicted.

He fired 10 shots, so he landed 80% of his shots at that range!!!

If you aren't familiar with guns, this guy basically went full Jason Bourne. Hitting a moving target at range with a handgun (most incidents with guns happen within 6 yards) is hard enough when youβ€˜re calm, but when you are at the mall with your girlfriend and everyone is screaming and the adrenaline hits, it's near impossible to keep that kind of accuracy at range.

Not to mention the bad guy had a rifle with higher-capacity magazines!!

Dicken was also aware enough to motion for people to get to safely behind him, putting himself between the shooter and any targets.


And pray for him if you would. He stopped a shooter, but saving countless lives meant taking one. He will bear the weight of that all his life.

From his lawyer:

Eli has been touched by the graciousness and kind thoughts from all over the world. At the same time this is a hard situation to process. He appreciates the community but at this time we will not be making any public comment itself.


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