US military base bans "Sound of Freedom" screening over fake QAnon connections
· Sep 10, 2023 ·

Woke activists within the military have pressured the US Southern Command base in Doral, Florida, to cancel free screenings of the mega-hit movie Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel.

According to critics, and the Military Times' shameless reporting, the movie is somehow political and QAnon adjacent.

By playing the movie on a federal base, some critics have questioned whether SOUTHCOM's leadership is following a policy that requires troops to remain apolitical at work - as QAnon followers have spread false rumors about and bashed President Joe Biden's administration - and to maintain a separation of church and state, considering the film's heavy Christian narrative.

Ahh yes, the military should NEVER show a movie with a political agenda. Especially if that political agenda is to STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING!

From The Post Millennial:

The free screenings of the film, which has grossed over $200 million, had been planned for Aug. 28 and Oct. 19. A flyer obtained by the outlet from Joanne B. Fitzgerald, US Army Garrison-Miami manager, invited all locally based personnel to attend and stated the film was being shown "In support of SOUTHCOM's mission to promote respect for human rights and combating trafficking in persons in Central and South America and the Caribbean."

How much more "rightwing" can one get? Obviously, it's a politically partisan movie because the Democrats are totally pro-child sex slavery, I guess. At least according to this assertion.

Also, as far as QAnon is concerned, this movie actually has absolutely nothing to do with the QAnon conspiracy. It was even filmed before any QAnon controversy. But, according to leftists, if you care about the sex trafficking of minors then you're a dangerous insurrectionist type.

By the way, the "heavy Christian narrative" is that the main character is a Christian.

Goodness, by these standards they couldn't show the military almost any movie.

Sunny Slaughter, which is somehow the real name of an anti-trafficking "expert," was one who voiced her opinion against the military showing this film. Check out this absolute nonsense:

"Although the directors say they don't support it, the fact that they have their main person constantly referencing and leaning to a particular ideology is concerning for the film, and for the context and conversation around the film," said human trafficking expert Slaughter, of Caviezel's frequent references to QAnon ideology. She's also wary of the film's heavy emphasis on victims' gaining salvation through Christianity as well as rescue. Slaughter identifies as Christian but fears the focus on a single faith might alienate trafficking victims who don't share the same beliefs.

Yes, according to this human trafficking "expert," the idea that CHRISTIANS might rescue trafficked children might alienate the victims.

Because when I'm a child who's been kidnapped and sold into the sex trade, I'm sure my first thought when I see my rescuer is, "Oh man, I hope he's not one of those Christians. That would be alienating."

These people…

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