US on track to pay more than $1 trillion annually on debt interest by end of 2023
· Jul 11, 2023 ·

Your brain can't even understand these numbers.

Let me break it down.

Say your family is earning $75,000 a year. Now imagine that you have a loan where the interest - not the principal going toward the loan itself, mind you - is $16,000 a year.

The loan amount, meanwhile, would be hovering around $520,000.

Add to this the fact that you are adding $22,000 in debt annually.

This is the current situation of the U.S. government, and we haven't talked about how tax revenues are declining due to the economy. Most people truly have no idea what kind of pain is coming from this kind of theft on the part of our politicians. No idea at all.

And in case you think, "Oh well, it's just the government's money" ... my friend, the government isn't a business. Whose money do you think that is?

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