Ol' Klaus Schwab of the WEF is going viral for a clip where he talks about revolutionizing education like a freaking Bond villain
· Dec 28, 2022 · NottheBee.com

If you try to point out the things the woke globalist elites want to do, you're called a conspiracy theorist, even when you hear it from the horse's own mouth.

I don't know when this clip was filmed, but Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum and progenitor of the ESG social credit system, has been saying these things for decades.

When we define a project like a global education initiative... we have under the leadership of Cisco and many other companies, practically all the big names, we try to revolutionize the education system of children...

You have to realize too when Schwabb uses the term "revolution," he is a Global Marxist. He's talking about a ground-up, children-up, subtle, and unsuspecting communist revolution.

These are the "You'll have no privacy, you'll own nothing, and you'll be happy" people talking about how they have, through their influence, infiltrated nearly every major education support company.

By working together with local authorities not only to equip the schools but to retrain the teachers, put new curriculum into place.

What do you think Social and Emotional Learning is being used for in schools? Why do you think radical gender theory and CRT are in schools? UNESCO, CISCO, and other global institutions adopt the Klaus Schwab WEF standards. There are hundreds of major companies that listen to this man. Nearly every liberal government leader in the Western world seeks his approval.

Go read Schwab's bio for a few minutes and understand how well he is connected – and how much of world history is being influenced by this guy who was born into Nazi Germany.

It starts with these Davos meetings where Schwab and other allies like the Clintons (mentioned in the video) and George Soros gather a bunch of young talent across different professional fields. It ends by sending them out as literal missionaries to spread the woke ESG gospel into every institution where they live.

That's how you have your local public school in podunk Kentucky teaching Marxist ideas without even knowing it. Schools in rural areas are hiring teachers that went to universities that are led by people who have imbibed this stuff. School administrators are adopting standards from places influenced by the WEF without understanding the poison they are drinking.

It's truly diabolical and it would be unbelievable if the man behind it wasn't openly bragging about it.

We are with the initiative from the beginning to the end.

This is their goal. The global indoctrination into the "you'll own nothing and you'll be happy and you vill eat ze bugs" cult.

I think Elon Musk put it best in reply to this video:

I mean, seriously. He's saying this right out in the open. And has been for YEARS.

Why have we just now started hearing about it?

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