If you need some fire in your belly, watch this North Carolina mom go nuclear on her school board at a level I didn't know existed ๐Ÿ”ฅ
ยท Sep 26, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

Here's the viral video blowing up today on X:

There's nothing more powerful than compelling speech, y'all. Compare what this mom did to the unintelligible shrieks from the other side of the aisle.

Let me just say, there's one goal for the educational system, it should be to prepare children to enter careers, to be productive members of society. It is not a counseling session, it is not a self-help area, it is not somewhere to find yourself, and we should not be led by the children, for goodness' sake.

The children are called "dependents" for a reason. They depend on us who have fully developed brains. You cannot "feel" your way through life.

Honestly, the modern public education system sounds like it was designed by Whitney Houston.

It's quite literally the silly, pie-in-the-sky, hippie-dippy theory of education that Jack Black makes up in School of Rock so he can be lazy.

It is the job of parents and adults to lead and teach children. Child-led learning isn't a thing. But modern "professional" educators think we should let children explore and lead the adults.

This mama bear then schooled the board in what the "democracy" they proclaim to love actually means.

What would a REAL Democracy look like in North Carolina, where most people believe in the God of the Bible and His commands? Well, this school board sure wouldn't like it.

Then she gets to the heart: There's a mental health crisis and it's being driven by the schools.

We know! We know the statistics! 50% of the kids did not pass their end of grade tests! What are we celebrating. We have children coming up here telling us how horrible the mental health crisis is, why? Most of us went to public school and all of our peers are not in mental crises! We have to ask ourselves what are we doing to our children.

I have to say, we are discussing things with them that they are not emotionally, intellectually, emotionally, and morally able to handle. That is what is causing the anxiety, that is what is causing the depression, that is what is causing the confusion. We need our children to be able to be children, to be able to be innocent, to be able to enjoy childhood. And not know all of the drama, know all of the difficulties of adult life...

We demand that the children who fear God are protected in your schools!

Man, does she ever hit the nail on the head.

The earliest version I could find of this video is from June of this year, but the message is as true today as it was earlier this summer.

The schools are a breeding ground for mental health issues, and this mom gets the diagnosis right. It's brain rot being introduced by the "educators" who think woke, LGBTQ and social-emotional learning is more important than actually teaching kids.

Moms and dads across the country: What's keeping you from standing up like this woman?

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