Wait, so are vaccine passports racist?
· Aug 9, 2021 · NottheBee.com

I never understood how it wasn't regarded as the height of insulting and patronizing when leftwing progressives, joined by former conservatives disgruntled and broken by the Trump presidency, actively and proudly campaigned that Voter ID laws were racist against black people.

Most people reasonably mocked our bungling vice president when she stammered through her BET interview, bizarrely alleging rural Americans couldn't find a Kinkos or Office Max to photocopy their ID.

But if that hackery was an affront to rural Americans – and it was – then why is it not equally offensive to suggest that black people are incapable of accomplishing the same task? In fact, at least it could be argued that Harris was just dense, somehow unaware that it doesn't take a week of hard travel for country folk to make it to the big city. What's the excuse for those who believe someone, simply by virtue of their dark skin pigmentation, can't figure out how to run a copy machine?

Yet that continues to be the messaging from lily-white liberals on the progressive left. At some point, black Americans will notice that condescension and latent racism, right?

And when they do, perhaps a few other dominoes will fall as well. Things like this:

There are a couple different ways to consider this. First, it remains astounding the inconsistency in a political movement that railed for four years against what they saw as the Trump administration slouching towards a "show your papers" approach to immigrants suddenly become active proponents of a "show your papers" approach to vaccines.

If it was a violation of personal liberty, human autonomy, and the all-American concept of individualism to ask immigrants to be government-approved in order to engage in the public square, why is it philosophically appropriate to do it now?

But the racial component is perhaps even more concerning. In an era where we are inundated – usually from progressives – about the dark and often invisible specter of racism hiding in systems and institutions, this would seem a rather obvious example, would it not? According to the CDC's statistics, over 70% of black Americans remain unvaccinated.

That means that progressive-run states like California and New York are actively advocating policies that would prevent 7 in 10 black Americans from engaging in commerce. Now, remember that all the modern woke prophets of anti-racism and CRT have told us that intent doesn't matter. If the result of your policy is the disenfranchisement of blacks, or the diminishment of their ability to flourish and prosper comparable to the majority, it is indubitably racist.

So even if we grant that those signing these vaccine passport laws and implementing enforcement policies – such as Governor Newsom, Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, and all other progressive Democrats – aren't doing so because they are intentionally trying to harm black people, it doesn't change the fact that they are fostering and fomenting white supremacy, right?

The raw numbers tell us that vaccine passports will, in essence, put up a sign in restaurant windows and business storefronts that reads "whites only." So shouldn't our public dialogue be asking why the American left and President Biden's political party would defend that?

Or will we admit there just might be something flawed in the current anti-racist/CRT calculus? It has to be one or the other.

* * *

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