Walmart Just Canceled Mike Lindell And MyPillow
· Jun 16, 2022 ·

Welcome to America in 2022, where you get canceled if you are outside of the new political Overton window.

MyPillow is a hugely successful company owned by conservative firebrand Mike Lindell, but because he doesn't believe the accepted narrative about the 2020 election, he is now being banned from one of the nation's largest retailers.

Walmart has decided that you cannot purchase this wildly popular pillow from their retail store because the owner is not of the left.

Walmart is far from the only retailer to cancel Mike Lindell's company.

Walmart just joined fellow retailers Kroger, Kohl's Bed Bath & Beyond, Sam's Club, JC Penney, and Costco in canceling Mike Lindell's MyPillow, refusing to sell the much-liked products in its stores.

Apparently, as of the 15th of June, the Executive Vice President of Walmart told Mr. Lindell over the phone that Walmart would no longer be carrying My Pillow products.

The decision to pull the pillows from Walmart's aisles comes about a year after a petition demanding that retailers do so reached 100,000 signatures. The petition, reported on at the time by Newsweek, argues that Mike's products should be canceled because of his involvement in the fight over the 2020 election and voter fraud, saying:

"Today 01/15/2021 the MyPillow founder met with President Trump and suggested instituting martial law after the twice impeached president staged a coup. Time to tell our major retailers to stop selling his products. We will not support funding insurrectionists!"

Yep, all it takes is some left-wing lunatics (who already weren't going to buy the pillow) signing a petition to make a major retailer cave and remove a popular product.

If you question the 2020 election, then you are too evil to do business with.

Meanwhile, Walmart continues to stock its shelves with products made by child slaves in China.

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