Walmart says it's expanding abortion coverage and travel support for workers in the wake of the Roe's overturn
· Aug 19, 2022 ·

Well, this is a downer:

Walmart on Friday told employees that it will expand abortion and related travel coverage, according to an internal memo. The change comes about two months after the Supreme Court struck down the federal right to access the procedure.

Effective immediately, Walmart's health care plans will cover abortion "when there is a health risk to the mother, rape or incest, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or lack of fetal viability," according to the memo to employees, which was reviewed by CNBC.

Employees and their family members who are insured through Walmart will also have travel costs covered, if they cannot access a legal abortion within 100 miles of their location, according to the email, which was sent by Walmart's Chief People Officer Donna Morris.

Now, this might seem like a narrowly tailored policy, one that balances legitimate needs for D&C operations against legitimate pro-life objectives.

But don't be fooled. You see that line in there, "...a health risk to the mother?"

"Health risk" has been broadly interpreted by abortion activists to mean anything from legitimate health concerns to mild mental disturbance: If a mother is even remotely bothered by being pregnant, then under this rubric her distress qualifies as a "health risk" that justifies abortion.

Is that what Walmart is doing? I guess we don't really know yet.

It would be nice if some friendly journalists would call them up and ask!

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