Want to know if that new movie is woke or not? There's a site for that.
· Jun 1, 2023 · NottheBee.com

These days it can sometimes be hard to tell if the movie you're about to take your kids to is a fun family feature or a poisonous cesspool of woke Hollywood trash. Drop $18 on a movie ticket and you might find yourself and your children being force-fed a rancid diet of groomer dreck.

So it's nice to see at least one outlet that will let you know ahead of time if the latest movie is "worth it or woke":

The growing disparity between what audiences think about a program and that of the "professionals" has finally increased to the point that it can no longer be ignored. So, we have decided that our religious conservative voice needs to be heard, and so we bring you Worth it or Woke.

Everyone is biased but we wear ours out in the open for all to see, so much so that we've built it right into our critique model. Right alongside with what we think about the story, performances, and visuals, we let you know if the woke quotient (woketient) is distractingly high, tolerable, or not there at all.

It's not just the movies that are woke, after all — it's the entire movie industry, and the movie-adjacent industry, including review websites. Most review sites are run by perpetually angry woke beta bros who want to artificially inflate the reviews of extreme-left-wing movies and who refuse to allow anyone to post any non-woke criticism.

"Worth it or Woke" offers fully fleshed-out reviews, not just anti-woke screeds. You can actually learn about the artistic value of a movie in addition to whether or not it's a pile of woke uselessness. But the anti-woke elements of the review are also very valuable, with reviewers sparing no amount of description.

Take the site's review of the uber-woke "Little Mermaid" remake.

In the opening scene, the humans on the ship, instead of being lovable ruffians like in the cartoon, are aggressive and superstitious. Their first act is to try and harpoon an innocent merperson who ends up being an even more innocent dolphin. ...

Prince Eric is adopted. While this is not at all woke, the fact that he's only adopted so that he can remain a white character yet have black parents and be based on an island predominantly populated by black people is. It manages to be both pandering and woke at the same time. ...

In this version, Eric is saved by Ariel ramming the ship into Ursula instead of the other way around, because you can't have a man saving a strong independent woman in her own movie.

The site has a "woke rating" scale and labels movies "worth it" if they display strong plot, good role models, etc.

The next review, it seems, will be the Spider-Man movie that releases this weekend:

We'll see if the folks running the site can make a go out of it. But what's clear is this kind of service is desperately needed in a pop-culture landscape absolutely stuffed with wokeness.

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