WaPo: The military is facing the worst recruiting environment since right after the Vietnam war ... I can't imagine why
· Mar 25, 2023 · NottheBee.com

This may come as a shock to the folks at WaPo or your average American who isn't paying attention, but the state of military recruiting is, to put it bluntly, in the crapper.

Only 1 in 4 young people are in shape to serve and only 9% are willing to serve.

It's almost like the idea of purging the unvaccinated Trump voter from the military and making conservatives feel unwelcome by focusing on wokeness and purging "white rage" at the behest of Mark Milley was a little ill-advised.

The military services have taken a varied approach to the challenge, which is the most serious in the Army. It fell about 15,000 recruits short of its goal of 60,000 active-duty recruits last year, and has set a goal of 65,000 this year that it also anticipates missing. In response, the service has invested heavily in marketing, even bringing back an updated "Be All You Can Be" advertising campaign that draws on Army recruiting pitches from the 1980s.

Yeah, I'm sure bringing back 80s advertising jingles will solve all the systemic problems of recruitment.

If these people want to know how to ACTUALLY recruit for the military they can check out this thread and fix all the real issues the military now has:

But it looks more likely that they'll double down on the wokeness.

Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), the committee chairman, defended the military's work to promote diversity and said that allegations from some conservatives that the institution has become too "woke" do not appear to have resonated with prospective recruits. In a recent Army survey, he said, "only a small fraction, 5 percent of respondents, said they felt the military places too much emphasis on ‘wokeness.'"

"Let me be clear: Diversity and inclusion strengthens our military," Reed said. "By every measure, America's military is more lethal and ready than it has ever been. It is also more diverse and inclusive than ever before. This is not a coincidence."

Well, yeah, because nobody that has a problem with this level of wokeness would even apply for the military at this point.

They all know it's a complete and utter joke.

But they'll keep crumbling doubling down on this loser mentality and, at some point soon, the US is going to lose a major war.

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