Watch: Absolutely WILD Scene In Italy As Anti-Vaccine Passport Protest Takes Over The Parliament Floor
· Jul 30, 2021 ·

This is an absolutely INSANE scene on the floor of the Italian parliament as some of the more right-wing Members of Parliament rush the floor with signs reading "No Green Pass", an anti-vaccine passport message.

The first MP on the floor is promptly chased out, but he runs so swiftly and avoids his opponents so well, he looks like he could be a member of the Italian Olympic squad.

The first guy on the floor, however, either jumped the gun a little bit OR he perfectly did his job of distracting the more authoritarian MPs who went to chase him as the rest of the squad filled the parliament floor.

The more conservative MPs stood on the floor, making their protest known with signs reading "No Green Pass!" A Green Pass is the colloquial term for a vaccine passport being proposed in Italy, much like the one in France that is required for people to go to restaurants and shops and basically live their normal lives.

It appears that Italy at least has a few politicians left with spines, who are willing to put their necks out to stand up for the rights of all individuals.

It's a wild and confusing scene, but it looks like the Italian MPs have decided that it is worth the price they are paying by making some noise to try to stop an authoritarian measure from taking place.

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