WATCH: Argentinians dance in the streets to celebrate the legalization of child sacrifice
· Dec 30, 2020 ·

After a bitter 12-hour debate, the Argentinian Senate voted Wednesday to give its citizens the right to murder each other – more specifically, the right to destroy children through "safe" and "legal" means.

This will undoubtedly involve poisoning, crushing, slicing, dicing, cutting, and shredding their babies in a variety of ways.

Such a bill has been proposed before, but a majority of Argentinians in the Catholic nation vehemently oppose such child slaughter. This time, however, the super progressive president, lower house, and Senate decided that grinding infants into a pulp is a good and righteous thing because, you know, poverty.

Take a gander at how many young Argentinians reacted to the news:

Yes, a mere two days after celebrating the Catholic holiday known as the Feast of the Holy Innocents – which remembers Herod's slaughter of Bethlehem's babies in an attempt to kill the infant Christ – Argentina decided to embrace not the spirit of Christmas, but the age-old murderous spirit of Herod, Pharaoh, and a thousand men like them throughout history.

But isn't the true mark of progress in a society its unfettered joy at the slaughter of unwanted children?

Look at all the "progressive" civilizations that have done just that throughout history.

The Aztecs sacrificed their children to stop floods.

The Babylonians – and others, including Israel – practiced sacrificing newborns to the god Molech by placing babies on searing hot metal arms and letting them "pass through" the fire, screaming as they were burned to ash.

From the tribes of Africa to the Phoenicians to the Vikings to Indian kingdoms to the Mayans, nearly every civilization throughout history has had some form of child sacrifice. It has been the norm, not the exception. Although the Greeks and Romans banned the formal practice, they would discard sickly or unwanted children readily.

The world's largest child-sacrifice burial site in Peru, with 227 infant bodies.

It was Christians, moved by the Bible's teaching that all humans are made in the image of God – and have inherent rights therein – that began to change this, leading to a progression in protecting human rights over the last two millennia.

Instead of celebrating that heritage, however, thousands of Argentinians are dancing in the streets today, excited to offer up their children to the gods of money, career, and self in the very near future.

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