Watch House Reps hug, remove masks, close-talk, and generally party like it's 2019. You, however, still need to stay home.

Jan 5th

Remember how great it used to be to gather together with your fellows, meet face to face, and draw strength from one another as you revel in the energy of human contact?

Don't do that. In fact, while we're on the subject, do the exact opposite of this:

Also, this.

This is a good example of two people who are not members of the same household violating Covid guidelines, so don't do this either.

And definitely not this.

Instead, be sure to limit your indoor gatherings to no more than 10, maintain social distancing at all times keeping at least 6 feet from others, and ensure that you and your family members remain isolated and aching with loneliness.

Which reminds me, how is grandma?

Do send her my best the next time you see her.

In September.

While the House did have rules as to how many people could be on the floor at the same time, the Representatives ignored them, but that was only because they could.

Also, Democrats were very excited to re-elect Nancy Pelosi as their House Speaker after having had her lead them to stunning and unexpected losses in November that nearly cost them the majority.

So, you can see why they were so giddy. Brushes with death will do that to a person.

The Democratic majority was so thin, in fact, that even Covid-positive members were permitted on the house floor, but only if they were cordoned off behind a plexiglass structure built for the occasion.

To be honest, I approve of keeping politicians safely secured behind plexiglass. Just resist the urge to tap on the panes as they can be easily startled into doing unpredictable things like authorizing $10 million for gender programs in Pakistan.

And under no circumstances feed them. Congresspeople are strictly limited to a diet of pork, self-congratulatory press releases, and county fair food that they pretend to like every two years.


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