Watch: College students LOVE the idea of diversity quotas... until it ruins their football team
· Oct 16, 2021 ·

Students at the University of Florida are strong believers in the importance of diversity quotas but... not for everything.

Campus Reform came out with one of the most genius man on the street videos I've ever seen.

Ophelie Jacobson went out during a Gators game day asking students if they support diversity quotas "in the workplace and the college admissions process."

At first, it was a no-brainer for them, of course they do! "Yeah, I'd totally support that," expressed one student. "Absolutely, there should be more diversity, basically, in every single field," another student stated.

Oh, is that right?

Because apparently not on the FOOTBALL field!

The reporter continues on to ask if they believe the same type of diversity requirements should be applied to sports teams.

And then everyone changed their tune.

All of a sudden, it all became about skill and merit.

"We want to win no matter who you are," one student said. "Whoever is the best player is, they deserve to be on the team," "obviously for sports it's talent first over anything," others commented.

The reporter continued with the mind games even further.

She then presented the students with a hypothetical. If the Gators' starting lineup consisted of individuals that reflected their school's demographic it would comprise of six White players, two Latino players, two Asian players, and one Black player. (While currently, most of the players are Black)

The student's reactions to that hypothetical lineup were priceless.

One student said (after a look of shock and distress), "I mean, definitely different. When was the last time you saw a prominent Asian football player?"

The reporter later asked, "Does this change your mind about diversity quotas in other sectors, like the workplace and college admissions?"

And guess what? She actually did change some minds.

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