Video: Cop saves suicidal man just as he's about to jump, hugs him, tells him he loves him

Oct 18th

This happened in Atlantic City this week.

Officer Eric Knuttel, a member of the Crisis Negotiation Team, was trying to reason with a suicidal man who was perched on the ledge of a casino parking garage talking on FaceTime with a female.

You can hear him saying, "She don't care," and then, "You know what, man ..." as he stands up like he's going to jump.

Knuttel dashes to the man and grabs hold of his leg as he and other officers drag the distressed man away from the ledge to safety. Knuttel then tells him, "I love you, alright? Even though I don't know you, I love you," as he hugs him and pats his back.

Check out what the cop said afterward:

"You could just hear in his voice he was distraught and he was hurting. We had a fairly long conversation. We were going to try to build rapport with him, so he knew somebody cared, and he knew somebody was there for him and not just him against the world."


"[Then] I saw him stand up and look toward the sides and he rolled his head down and he started walking. I knew that I had to do something."


[After the man was safely pulled back] "I just could just hear it in his voice, he started crying. You could hear him weeping and I just remember telling him I loved him. I thought he needed to hear that. I had so much compassion and so much love for the man that I wanted him to know that people care about him. I never met him ever in my life. I believe that I was put there in that moment of time for that reason."


"I know in my heart that man will succeed in life."

Cheers to you good cops out there, man. We see you. We love you. Thank you for what you do.


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