Watch: Gavin Newsom flags his entire camera crew with this .22-caliber "weapon of mass destruction," proves he knows nothing about guns in less than 90 seconds
· Jul 1, 2022 ·

Hard to believe a crack team of gubernatorial advisers conceived of this, approved of it, slapped it together, and sent it out into the world. But they did:

Just absolute amazing stuff from Our Man Newsom here. Let's go over it blow-by-blow, shall we?

"This is a weapon of war, a weapon of mass destruction."

No, actually, it's not.

For starters, you'll be hard-pressed to find a single soldier carrying an AR-15, for the same reason that you'll never see soldiers in combat driving a civilian Hummer. An AR-15 is the cosmetic equivalent of the military's M4, but it's not at all meant to be a "weapon of war," and only a very ignorant (or very foolish) person who knows nothing about rate of fire would argue otherwise.

More to the point, at least in the context of Newsom's silly little video, the gun he's all het up about isn't even a large-caliber weapon; it's a .22 LR, which is among the weakest cartridges you're apt to find.

He's really mad about that child-oriented rifle advertisement, after all, but that advertisement is specifically for a .22 rifle:

You could make the case that this advertisement is rather tacky or in poor taste, but it would be ridiculous to call the "JR-15" a "weapon of war" (Newsom might argue that he was using a larger gun to prove some sort of point, but if so then the point is lost and he looks like a dope).

For more on the JR-15 and where to buy one for your absolutely based kid, see here:

But more importantly...

Watch where you point that thing, buddy!

Yikes. The good governor just flagged his entire film crew with his "weapon of war!"

What's "flagging?" That's gun terminology for when you have something in the gun's sights. Put another way: It's when you point the gun at something.


The old gun safety motto goes: "Never point your gun at something you do not intend to destroy."

Which is what Governor Newsom just did.

Also, kids can use guns.

"...Kids should not have one of these."

Actually, it's a longstanding tradition in the United States to let kids have small-caliber firearms for sport shooting and small-game hunting with their fathers, even ones that look "extra scary."

Imagine telling the Founding Fathers that their kids had to use crossbows instead of muskets.

Here's one of countless examples of a man teaching his son how to properly handle and shoot a gun. Watch as this little guy rattles off the gun safety rules like a pro!

Governor Newsom, I would strongly advise you to fire anyone and everyone who advised you that this ridiculous video was a good idea.

Now watch Babylon Bee Editor Kyle Mann harness his Gavin Newsom in this important gun safety PSA:

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