WATCH: I promise you do not understand how brainwashed some of these Palestinian kids are
· Nov 15, 2023 ·

Most of you really don't know.

This video, was initially published by Gaza TV Media in 2018, shows kids staging an invasion of Israel where they take Jewish hostages. The sign the mini terrorist-in-training holds over his hostage reads "Israel has fallen" in Arabic and Hebrew.

You can see a large crowd gathered to watch the graduation ceremony; many have their phones out to capture this "proud" moment.

But that's not all. Here is what the kids in United Nations schools are learning:

Again, United Nations schools.

If a child manages to avoid hostage-taking pageantry and classroom indoctrination, Saturday-morning TV shows will take care of them:

As children get older, they are allowed to put their hate into practice:

Hamas knows what they are doing - they start the brainwashing at an early age to ensure each generation is more hateful than the one before.

Very scary stuff.

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